Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to Make Zero-Calorie Popsicles

  It's almost summer time, and we all know ice cream cravings are just around the corner. This being said, ice cream is possibly one of the worst things anyone (not just an ana girl) can put into her system. It's sticky, gooey, fatty, bulky, and causes acne and oily skin. Yum, right? What if I told you I had an ice cream alternative that was zero calories, filling, and also delicious? You'd think I was crazy. But alas, I am not- I have come up with the perfect solution for cravings that if anything, will only make you gain water weight (which we all know passes right through you).

You Will Need:
  • Water
  • A Cup (Plastic works best)
  • A spoon (again, plastic works best)
  • A zero-calorie water flavoring (I used MiO)
  • Tinfoil
  • A freezer
  • Splenda, or other zero-calorie sweetener (Optional)
  Just a note before we start: I LOVE MiO. It's zero calories, delicious, and tastes like real juice. My favorite is the fruit punch, but here are some of their other flavors:

  I haven't tried them all yet though, so I'm sure some others are just as good as the fruit punch, or maybe even better. They also have energy MiO (Black Cherry and Green Thunder) and Fit MiO (Artic Grape and Berry Blast), although I'm not sure what the calorie information is on those flavors. However, no matter what kind of MiO you buy, it is best to check the nutrition and make sure yourself it contains zero calories. Otherwise, these wouldn't be zero-calorie popsicles!

Step 1: Grabbing Your Ingredients

  Determine which flavor of MiO or water flavoring you would like to use. Like I said, I used the fruit punch flavor of MiO because I am a sucker for anything fruity. After you pick, pour some water into your plastic cup and add as much MiO as you'd like. One thing MiO advertises is that you can add however much or little that you'd like. Since we're going to be making flavored popsicles though, I'd suggest using more so that your popsicles don't taste like pure ice. Unless you like that, of course. You can then add your Splenda or other zero-calorie sweetener if you'd like an extra sweet taste. 

2. Preparing the Popsicle

  Once you add the flavoring to the water, place a portion of tinfoil over your cup and make sure it covers the entire thing. Press down hard, and make sure no air gets through. Otherwise, the water might evaporate. Then, careful not to damage the tinfoil too much, stick a spoon into the liquid. The spoon will serve as a popsicle handle. It should look a little something like this:

  3. Waiting 

  This step is the painful part. Unfortunately, it takes a lot longer to wait for something to freeze than to melt. It's best to make these popsicles up to six hours in advance of when you plan to eat them. Of course this all depends on your freezer type, liquid type, or just the overall conditions of your popsicle making. It's best to do this overnight as well, that way, you won't have cravings. 

4. Results! 

This looks like just fruit punch in a cup with a spoon in it, put it's actually frozen! My popsicle lacked flavor so I'd suggest using plenty of MiO.
  I made my popsicles right before I went to bed, so when I woke up, I'd have a nice treat to substitute breakfast. It's a little hard to get the popsicle out of the cup, so I'd suggest maybe sticking it into the microwave for a few seconds to soften the edges up. You can also crush the popsicle up with another spoon (metal would work best this time) and eat it as zero-calorie slush. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this nice, non-fattening treat! Comment below and leave suggestions for more alternatives you'd like me to try. 

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